About us

The Comercializadora MARCOLUNA is a company committed to business activities in a wide range of industries on a global scale.

Comercializadora MARCOLUNA possesses a strong business foundation, which is comprised of integrity, global network, global relations, and intellectual capital, as well as diverse, functions made up of business development, market intelligence & information gathering, analysis and logistics solutions.
Our core competence, the joint effort, enables us to strategically and organically integrate this business foundation with diverse functions to meet the needs of our customers, while creating new value by anticipating change and transcending existing frameworks.

The Comercializadora MARCOLUNA regards this Integrated of experienced and qualified staff who knows better than anyone the international markets as its core competence and every employee is committed to continuous enhancement of this strength.

Our enthusiasm for benefiting and contributing to society is in our DNA that has been inherited from our predecessors. Through our business activities, we will strive to continue our commitment to society far into the future.



Being a highly competitive company and serve a greater number of customers as a leader in the market by providing the best shopping experience, derived from a wide range of products and constant innovation. 


The greatest strength of the Comercializadora MARCOLUNA lies in its bet on grown markets, which enables us to capitalize on our strong business foundation and diverse, high-level functions and thereby create new value by transcending existing frameworks. Growing together with business partners by constantly staying a step ahead in dealing with change and creating new value.


In Comercializadora MARCOLUNA believe in the importance of the process, step by step, based on ambitious business plans under a strict system of planning and organization as a basis for creating solid and sustainable business.

Based on trust from companies in various industries and from consumers, Comercializadora MARCOLUNA engages in multifaceted business activities by making the most of Free Trade Agreement that Mexican Government has signed. These business activities include sales of a variety of products and services within Mexico, import and export, trilateral trade, and domestic and international business investment

Expasion and scope

Our mission for the expansion of the company is to support our shareholders, clients, local communities, employees, and everyone else around the world in their endeavors to achieve economic and spiritual prosperity and realize their dreams through our business activities. We also maintain—throughout our business practices—a unique management style that respects the personality of each individual and places prime importance on integrity and sound management, which represent the essence of MarcoLuna Philosophy, while cherishing a corporate culture that allows each employee to take the initiative and demonstrate creativity that is conductive to continuous reform and innovation.

We designated five-year period of 2015-2020. With the intention that we can penetrate the Asian market during this period and establish some lasting relationships that will strengthen the markets between Mexico and Asia, thus ensuring a flow of capital for investing in new investment projects and catapult our customers a strong and prosperous foreign markets.

In Comercializadora MARCOLUNA has been expanding the scope of its businesses by adapting flexibly to changes of the times as well as by offering functions and filling roles required by our customers and business partners. We believe that on this basis we can achieve solid growth and achieve predictability that is recognized by all members of the company and all those who are interested in working with us.



Office in Mexico City
Av. Eugenia 830
Col. Del Valle.
Del. Benito Juarez.
C.P. 03100, México D.F.

Office in Tokyo
3-33-17 Nishi-Ikebukuru,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 1F
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